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4 things to make sure you include in an Account Manager CV

When it comes to writing a CV it can be difficult to know where to begin. (Once you get past your personals, hopefully!). But, whether you have a wealth of experience or you’re just starting out, there are several key things you need to make sure you include.

To help, we’ve put our heads together and come up with the four key things you need to include across several roles. First, ‘4 things to make sure you include in an Account Manager CV’.

  1. Names of the clients you have managed
  2. Type of work delivered for those clients
  3. Account values and how you grew them
  4. Up to ten bullet points explaining you responsibilities (taking the brief, growing the relationship, overseeing delivery)

Remember to keep things simple and stick to the point. Don’t include things that aren’t relevant to the position you want and likewise, be sure to include your major selling points.

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