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5 ways to build your personal brand to help your job search

Landing your dream job isn’t always easy. And, with an increasingly competitive job market, it can feel hard to stand out from the crowd. But, one way to approach this challenge is to build up your personal brand. This comes down to showing what makes you unique as a candidate; what is it that you are best at and best known for. It’s about presenting your talents and capabilities in a way that makes employers want to know more about you.

But, how can you build your personal brand to help with your job search?

1. Have a clear definition of your personal brand

Before you can start to build and share your personal brand, you need to know exactly what it is. A helpful way to do this is by writing two lists. In the first, include all of your main strength and skills. In the second, outline all of the values that are important to you. Now, from this list, you’ve got the foundations you need to start building your personal brand.

2. Network to share your personal brand

Networking is increasingly important to your personal brand. This can be through social media and networking events. A quick search on Twitter can get you started by taking part in hashtag ‘events’ like #eventhour. Where event professionals get the chance to ask other people in the industry questions, promote a service, ask for advice or search for jobs. Simply by linking with the hashtag you’re then included in the conversation whether you’re followed by the people you’re talking to or not.

By talking with other professionals in your industry, you’ll have the chance to share your thoughts, ideas and experience. This will help you to define your personal brand more clearly and present your brand to others. As a result of this, people are going to be more aware and this is likely to increase the opportunities that you have.

3. Create a compelling online presence

This comes down to the impression people have of you from a quick Google search and from looking at your social media profiles. Look at all of your social media profiles and ask yourself if they portray you in the way you want to be seen. If they don’t, take this opportunity to edit them. Aim to highlight your core skills and talents. And, if possible, include real examples to showcase your work.

4. Establish your references

As well as what you say about yourself, think about what others say. A good way to build up your personal brand references are LinkedIn recommendations. Ask colleagues, clients and managers if they will write you a recommendation, highlighting your skills and contribution to team projects. Also, make sure you include details about professional courses and training on your social media profiles.

5. Review your personal brand

As your skills and experience increase, your personal brand is likely to evolve. Periodically review your personal brand to ensure that it still matches who you are and how you want to be seen by potential employers.

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