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Cost effective recruitment – an investment worth making

Cost effective recruitment isn’t just about salary and recruitment fees, there are many other factors that come into play. Whether you’re an MD, Head of Dept, HR or Operations, the time it takes to get a vacancy into the public domain, sift through CV’s, interview, make an offer and deal with all the paperwork and follow ups, is just one area where a good recruitment agency can add a huge amount of value. But what about the image you portray along the journey, insight into who you’re up against and access to the best candidates available? This knowledge can be the key to long-term retention of staff for both immediate and future hires.

At all stages of the recruitment process, the way you present yourself, or are represented pays a vital part of retention. Even before an advert is put out there’s likely to be a perception of your organisation. Recruitment agencies can add a lot of value by reinforcing positives or dispelling myths, ensuring potential candidates have a realistic overview of culture, expectations, success stories and the achievements of clients. By discussing what candidates really want and knowing what clients are really like we’re able to ensure there’s a great fit before an interview has even taken place. Where’s the fun in kissing frogs, surely it’s better to have a load of princes (or princesses!) lined up.

Our clients aren’t always in the luxurious position of being able to forecast headcount requirements in advance. As an industry that lives and dies by it’s creative delivery and pitch work there’s lots of highs and lows. A recruiter doesn’t just place an advert and filter applications, nor do we simply type a job title into LinkedIn. At LIVE it’s more about being a well connected person who is able to target individuals we’ve worked with over a period of time, in a well informed way. It just isn’t possible or cost effective for the majority of people to invest that much time.

Regardless of all this, a successful hire is almost always reliant on timing. By constantly being wig-deep in the market, LIVE recruitment are more likely to already know someone who meets your critieria, fits the culture and where the timing is right. Further to this, someone who will make the impact you want and stay the duration so you don’t have to do the whole merry dance again.

Really, it’s hard enough to do when it IS your day job, let alone on top of it.