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What should you wear to your next event job interview?

There are plenty of things to plan and prepare for an event job interview, without also having to worry about what you are going to wear. It can be a hard thing to get right. You want to wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable, so that you are able to relax during the interview. But, at the same time, you also want you clothing to help make the right first impression when meeting your potential employer, as they can be an important part of having a stellar interview performance. Follow our hints and tips to make sure you get your clothing right for you next event job interview.

Think about the impression you are trying to create during your event job interview

For good or bad, our appearance does have an impact on what people think about us. So, before you decide what you want to wear, consider how you want to impress your interviewer when you first enter the interview room. Then use your clothes to help support this.

So, if you want to come across as a business professional, then a suit should be your clothing of choice. But, if you want to present yourself in a more relaxed, casual way, then you might consider smart trousers and a shirt or blouse instead.

Plan ahead and make sure you have enough time to get ready

The night before, you should plan out exactly what you are going to wear. Try on all the clothes you want to wear, making sure they fit properly and go well together. Then, lay out all your clothing and double-check it for any stains or creases. Be sure to include your shoes and accessories when you’re prepping your clothes.

Ensure you leave plenty of time to get ready for your event job interview. That way, you’ll feel less rushed. It also means that, should anything go wrong with your clothing, you’ll have time to put it right before the interview starts.

4 quick tips to get your job interview clothing right

#1 Dress conservatively if you’re not sure of the dress code

It’s a good idea to err on the side of caution when deciding what to wear, especially if you’re not certain what the dress code is. If you’re not sure whether you’re expected to wear a suit, you can always ask beforehand. But, it’s better to turn up in clean, smart clothing than run the risk of wearing jeans.

#2 Ditch any unnecessary clutter

Having too many accessories, a large bag, headphones or any other distracting clutter can make you seem disorganised and flustered. Before you enter the interview room, be sure to tidy everything away so you don’t get yourself in a tangle.

#3 Consider your makeup and cologne/perfume

This is part of your appearance that is often overlooked before an event job interview, but it something you should keep to a minimum. Too much makeup can be very distracting and you never know if your interviewer is allergic to perfumes or strong scents.

#4 It’s not just about clothes, it’s also about the shoes

Wearing inappropriate shoes

can undo all of the hard work you put into planning your outfit. They should complement the impression you want to create. In general, stick to smart, polished black shoes, which are comfortable to walk around in. Also, trainers are generally a no because they are too casual for a job interview.

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