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5 Reasons Why Your Employees Want to Leave

There are many reasons why people leave jobs or change careers. It could be because their partner or family is moving across the country and they’re following them, starting a family or even looking after ill family members. These situations are hard for the employer to control, but there are some situations that can help employers hold onto their staff. Your whole business could change if your key employees decides that they want to leave. However, there are many ways you can create a better environment for your staff that makes it easy for them to continue working for you for a long time to come.

With this in mind here are 5 reasons why your employees might want to leave, and a little advice on how to keep them with you.

1.    Relationship with the boss

You and your employees don’t need to be best friends but having a good working relationship with them is essential. Having a bad relationship with their boss is too much of a burden on their daily life, especially if they find their job in the events sector stressful. Many people will find it easier to leave to find another job than work on their problem relationship.

2.    Relationships with their co-workers

If your employees don’t communicate with each other and they have fall outs or tension, in turn this can make them feel uncomfortable. Creating an environment that makes it easy for your staff to talk and plan projects or events together helps everyone feel included. Make sure that when you hire new people to join your team they are a good fit starts by knowing your current staff too. You could work on getting them involved in the hiring process - this may be especially good for teams that need to work closely together.

3.    They don’t feel like their work contributes to the business

If your staff don’t get any recognition or acknowledgement for their hard work can make them feel undervalued and this can dampen the spirits of any employee – even if they had a good attitude to start with. Taking the time to compliment their success will make the stress off the work they do more meaningful. It is hard for people to want to keep moving forward if they feel as though they’re not getting anywhere.

If they have a low salary this too could make them feel underappreciated, especially if they know that they could be doing the same job elsewhere for more money and other benefits. If they have no ties to your business then they will likely leave with ease. Regular pay reviews and extra benefits schemes will often keep employees more motivated, and allow them to feel more valued.

No room for promotions

4.    No room for promotions

People generally get bored or feel stuck in a job that they’ve been doing for a long time and there is no room for development. Making sure that you help and promote them to develop their skills. This could be helping them do a training course or offering an updated role with more responsibilities to show them that you have instilled trust in them. This can keep them on track to always try their best and want to keep working for your company, especially if they see there will be a chance to keep developing and moving forward with their career.

5.    Corporate culture

In any events management job, there will be times that your staff are extremely stressed. Creating a calming overall culture can make a great difference in their lives and help them to work better, especially with eachother. You could try planning events and team building activities or have staff parties that celebrate the completion of a big project, This will again help them feel appreciated but also attract potential employees and show that you run a kind business that looks after its staff. You never want previous employees to walk away with a negative view of your company.

Allow your staff to talk

The first thing to do when making sure your employees are enjoying working for you is to stay in touch with them. Being a boss that is approachable or having someone designated in your business such as an HR manager that they are able to talk to can help identify any problems before they arise. Having someone who can listen to their concerns and make appropriate changes to fix them or support them during a difficult time will help create a supportive environment that your staff will be able to work well in.  

It goes without saying that you cannot keep all employees happy all of the time, but by considering these major issues within your company, you may well find that your staff turnover is a lot lower than it was before.