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The growing desire for sustainability awareness in event production and how it influences recruitment

The events production industry has seen a significant shift towards sustainability for many years, driven by the increasing environmental awareness and preferences of audiences, organisations and in particular younger generations. This demographic prioritises aligning their professional roles with personal values, particularly when it comes to environmental responsibility and social change.

Why Sustainability Matters

Younger candidates entering the events industry are increasingly motivated by roles that emphasise sustainability. Megan Mitchell, Senior Account Manager & Team Lead at Live Recruitment notes that “around 20% of the younger generation of candidates now actively seek positions with a strong focus on sustainability and initiatives addressing climate change and social impact. This trend is compelling companies to adopt greener practices to attract and retain this talent pool”.

Benefits of Sustainable Practices

Sustainable event production offers multiple benefits beyond attracting young professionals. According to a recent article from Giggabox, eco-friendly practices can lead to higher attendance rates, positive brand recognition, and cost savings.

Implementing measures such as renewable energy use, waste reduction, and eco-conscious partnerships not only enhances environmental sustainability but also improves operational efficiency and financial performance.

In addition, a recent article from Exhibit Interactive emphasizes the long-term advantages of sustainable practices which include reduced waste, optimised energy usage, and lower operational expenses. By using reusable or recyclable structures and materials, energy-efficient technologies, and smart waste management systems, events can significantly cut costs and minimise their environmental footprint.

Attracting the Next Generation

The younger workforce's preference for sustainability is reshaping hiring and operational strategies within the events industry.

“Companies that prioritise and effectively communicate their commitment to sustainability are more likely to attract and retain talented young professionals. This demographic shift underscores the importance of integrating sustainability into core business practices, not just as a trend but as a fundamental aspect of company culture and operations” – Megan Mitchell, Senior Account Manager & Team Lead at Live Recruitment

In conclusion, the continuing shift towards sustainability in event production is essential for environmental preservation and crucial for appealing to the next generation of industry professionals.

By adopting and promoting sustainable practices, companies can ensure they remain competitive and attractive to young, environmentally conscious talent, thus securing a more sustainable and successful future for the events industry.