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3 tips to help you stand out for a job role in a crowded industry

The marketing and events industries are popular industries to get into. We’re getting more and more CV’s through our doors every day. And when the popular roles come up at the top agencies, they’re snapped up pretty quickly.

So, how can you make sure you stand out for a job role in a crowded industry and ensure the recruiter contacts you first when your dream job comes up?

Here are our top 3 tips for getting yourself noticed in the marketing and events industry:

  1. Go Above and Beyond

You can make sure you stand out from other applicants by going the extra mile. It’s all well and good having spent years at university and walking away with a degree. But what have you done to really get under the skin of the industry you want to work in?

Are you au fait with the latest industry news, awards and topics? Do you attend events and get involved in networking opportunities? Have you entered any industry awards yourself?

There are so many opportunities set up by the industry – from agencies to the media – to help people like you really shine in your chosen career. From industry awards recognising professionals making a difference, to industry debates that you can have your say in, as well as many networking events taking place across the Country. Some of the bigger agencies have even been known to organise open days where budding marketing or event professionals can go along and ask questions. Wherever there’s an opportunity to learn more about your chosen industry, take it and make it work for you.

  1. Be seen, be keen

Social media gives you a fantastic platform to be seen by the big names in the industry. Make sure your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles are up to scratch. Ensure your profile photo is professional, follow the leading names in the industry, get involved in conversations with other industry professionals, start your own weekly chat. The options are endless.

Take some time to look at the big agencies and media outlets to see who they’re talking about, what topics get them going and just get involved.

LinkedIn also gives you a prime opportunity with ‘Pulse’ to showcase your talents even further. Start writing about your experiences and comment on industry news and debates and share your words via your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Who knows who might be reading?

Check out our previous post on utilising Twitter for your job search ‘here‘.

  1. Keep in touch

Building a relationship with a recruitment agency could lead to all sorts of opportunities. Whether you’re seeking a new role or not, keeping in touch with your recruitment specialist will ensure they remember you when they’re filling their next big vacancy. Good recruitment agencies will also be able to keep you informed on the current salary guidelines and keep you informed about industry news. Keeping you ahead of the game.

Simple but oh so effective!

So don’t rely on just your degree or experience to land you that job interview. With the volume of grads coming through every year, it’s getting tougher and tougher to be seen in an already popular and fast-paced industry. So get ahead by thinking outside of the box.

If you want to speak to one of our marketing, creative or events recruitment specialists just give us a call, or simply register and submit you CV.