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How important is an event degree for working in the industry?

seems there are more degrees than ever before, available in a wide range of subjects. Events are no exception. There are now plenty of further and higher education courses for people wanting to work in events. But, is a formal University qualification essential for getting that first foothold in the industry?

What are the advantages of studying event degrees?

By studying events, you’ll be able to dedicate your time to learning as much as possible about the industry. It is an excellent opportunity to increase your knowledge and also to gain some relevant experience.

A tailored events qualification will demonstrate to potential employers that you are committed to working in events. And, in an ever competitive job market, it can be a differentiator between yourself and another candidate.

The specialism that you choose will depend on the career path you plan to take in the future. You can go straight for event management or similar at undergrad level. Or, you could choose to do an unrelated subject and then focus on events in postgraduate study. The decision here will largely depend on how much time you want to spend in education and what level of education you want to have.

Who can take an events degree?

In short, almost anyone with the right qualifications to get onto the course can take an events degree. But, the decision of whether or not to take one should depend on your personal circumstances; is it the right career move for you right now?

For people already working in the industry, studying a degree offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge. In particular, it will make you aware of any potential new trends at an educational/academic level. But, at the same time, if you are already established in your role, taking time out for full-time study might not be practical. You’ll need to decide whether the advantages of a degree are worth the time and the cost. You could also consider other routes, such as evening or distance learning.

For people looking to make a career change into events, internships are often a good way to gain relevant event industry experience. Plus, they are shorter than a degree. So, if you find out a career in events isn’t actually right for you, and then at least you haven’t spent several years working towards a qualification. If, after gaining some experience, you still want a formal qualification, then you’ll be in an even stronger position to make that decision.

If you are a school-leaver and not already working in events, studying an events degree is an option to consider. It will give you a strong grounding and also help you to grow your network. But, it is by no means the only way into the industry. So, if the thought of further studying leaves you cold, then you should consider work experience and internships as a way to get into the industry.


Taking a degree is a serious commitment. As well as costing a lot of money, they take a lot of time. If you do decide to take a degree, it’s important to spend time properly researching any courses before starting. Find out as much as you can about the course content and the course provider before, to ensure that it really is what you are looking for. While they certainly offer a lot of advantages, it is important that you choose to do one because it’s the right decision for you.