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Top 10 qualities that show you are born to be an event manager

There is no denying that the world of event management has changed considerably over the past decade. The invention of new technologies has led to a number of progressions in the industry, with lots of different software options available to help event managers run occasions more smoothly than ever before. Not only this, but competition is fierce, with event companies needing to do everything in their power to stand out. If you are thinking about becoming an event manager, read on to discover the ten qualities that show you were born to do this job.

  1. You are a creative problem solver

Whether you need to rework a keynote presentation at the last minute or track down some emergency duct tape, event managers need to think on their feet and be resourceful with what they have. After all, how matter how effectively you plan, you can rest assured something will happen that wasn’t part of the picture. Finding creative solutions to challenges is part of the norm as an event manager.

  1. You are calm under pressure

Not only do you need to make decisions quickly and effectively, but also your team are going to look to you for answers for almost everything. A successful event manager knows how to treat everyone with respect and stay level-headed no matter what.

good at communicating

  1. You are good at communicating

Being able to give communication in a clear yet firm manner is of paramount importance. You need to ensure that everyone shares your vision so that you, the client, your suppliers, and the rest of the team, are on the same page. Being able to communicate effectively is not only important in terms of bringing an event vision to reality, but also getting potential clients excited about your ideas in the first place.

  1. You are organised

You need to be able to juggle about 40 things at once if you are to successfully run an event. If you are to flawlessly execute and smoothly plan any type of event, multi-tasking prowess is a must.

  1. You are a good listener

We have already mentioned the importance of being able to communicate effectively, and being able to listen well is just as critical. You need to be able to understand what all of your key stakeholders want and expect from an event. You need to be able to effectively decipher your client’s needs and wants and turn them into a reality.

  1. You are flexible

No, you don’t need to be able to do the splits, but you do need to be flexible with your schedule and your approach. One minute you will need to be a fearless leader, the next minute you will be taking the role of janitor or cleaner! Making tough calls and cleaning up messes are part of the job, and you need to do so efficiently, quickly, and quietly. You also need to be flexible with your working hours. While some days are going to be a 9 to 5, there are going to be plenty of days whereby you will need to work late in order to meet clients and check out certain venues.

good people skills

  1. You have good people skills

Most people would agree that this is probably the most critical personality attribute when it comes to being a successful event manager. You need to be comfortable connecting with a huge range of people. This includes event attendees, staff, suppliers, supervisors, customers, sponsor reps, co-workers, vendors, government officials, high-level executives, and much more. If you are to work with such a large and varied selection of people, you are going to need to be able to resolve conflicts nimbly, be a pleasant yet confident negotiator, and maintain your sense of humour throughout. Although you may be in charge, you cannot do everything yourself, and so building relationships is a very important part of it.

  1. You need to be good at managing budgets

You don’t need to be an expert mathematician in order to be a good event manager, but you do need to be competent at planning and managing budgets. It all comes down to effective money management, which is a blend of being able to negotiate successfully and manage budgets. Your clients are going to have a set amount of money to work with, and you need to know how to attribute this to various elements of the event. You also need to build relationships with suppliers and master the art of negotiation.

 tech savvy

  1. You need to be tech savvy

As mentioned in the introduction; event management has changed considerably over the years. Technology now plays a critical role, and so being adept at using event management software is a must.

  1. You must have a keen eye for detail

Last but not least, it is the little things that matter when it comes to event management. You need to have a keen attention to detail. This will ensure the small things do not blow up and turn into bigger issues.

So there you have it: the top ten qualities that show you were born to be an event manager. If you have the attributes that were mentioned above, this is definitely the right career path for you. And the good news is that it is an exciting career path, with new challenges to face every day.